Fire Safety Signage Inspection

A safety signage system consists of safety signs and fire safety notices to ensure all occupants within the building are informed, instructed and aware of the location and nature of hazard and the measure required to control it.

Premises management have a responsibility to ensure that compliant safety signage is installed and maintained in accordance with British Standards to safeguard the general health and safety practices within the premises to protect its occupants.

You can Rely on Fire Check to produce a detailed as fitted drawing of all your fire safety signage and validate that their positioning remains compliant with British Standards and the fire strategy for the building.

In instances where defects are identified with existing fire safety signage or there is a requirement for additional signage to be installed our reporting system software allows us to take a digital image of the defect, pin it to a location on the building layout drawing and provide a text description of what the defect is. This software allows us to run reports for tender purposes and allows access to contractors pricing and undertaking defect repair so that they can upload photographic evidence of their repair work thus managing defect rectification.

All escape route signage is verified and reported upon in strict accordance with the following standards and codes of practice.

  • BS 5499-10 – Guidance for the selection and use of safety signs and fire safety notices
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