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Part of the Laing O’Rourke Group, Crown House Technologies are a leading construction and infrastructure technology services provider, supplying a complete Building Services package with communications, ICT, intelligent building, monitoring, BMS and the UK’s largest mechanical, electrical & public health manufacturing facility - a 129,000 sq ft factory - offering off-site manufacturing and assembly for our digitally engineered modular MEICA packages.

Our Scope of Services

Engaged pre-contract, Rely on Fire Check played a key role as part of the work-winning team tasked with developing fire safety system designs and estimating construction costs for a mixed-use retail, hospitality, and residential city centre mega development. Following the successful contract award, Rely on Fire Check was appointed to provide ongoing design development support for the Fire Engineer, facilitating the process of obtaining Building Warrant Approval.

Subsequently, Rely on Fire Check's role expanded to encompass ongoing technical and commercial governance, along with contractor mentoring. This encompassing responsibility involved ensuring that the fire safety systems not only adhered to regulatory standards but also aligned seamlessly with the broader architectural vision of the development. Through vigilant oversight, Rely on Fire Check maintained the delicate balance between innovation and compliance, contributing to the project's overall success.

Beyond technical aspects, Rely on Fire Check assumed a pivotal mentoring role for contractors involved in the project. This mentoring function aimed to create a collaborative environment, guiding contractors to meet and exceed project expectations. By imparting industry insights and best practices, Rely on Fire Check significantly enhanced the capabilities and efficiency of the contractors, ultimately contributing to the successful realisation of the development.

In summary, Rely on Fire Check's involvement in this transformative mega development has been both diverse and impactful, ranging from the initial stages of conceptualisation through the intricacies of design development, regulatory compliance, and project execution. The comprehensive contributions made by Rely on Fire Check collectively contributed to the creation of a safe, compliant urban centrepiece.

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