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Castles & Coasts Fire Safety Improvement Programme


Social Housing


Castles & Coasts Housing Association manages and owns over 7,000 properties across Northern England, providing much-needed affordable homes and services for residents.

Our Scope of Services

For an extensive duration, Rely on Fire Check has served as the designated electrotechnical fire safety system designers and checking consultants for Castles & Coasts, fostering a longstanding partnership rooted in unwavering commitment and expertise. Over the course of several years, our collaboration has been instrumental in upholding the highest standards of fire safety across the entirety of the Castles & Coasts estate.

At the heart of our responsibilities lies the meticulous design and third-party verification of an array of critical fire safety systems. These encompass the comprehensive spectrum of fire detection and fire alarm systems, grade D domestic fire detection and fire alarm solutions, emergency lighting setups, evacuation alert mechanisms, and emergency voice communication systems deployed estate-wide. Our role extends beyond the initial design phase, encompassing ongoing support and oversight throughout the entire lifecycle of these essential systems.

Furthermore, Rely on Fire Check takes pride in crafting detailed technical performance specifications tailored for term maintenance contracts. This facet of our involvement ensures that the estate's fire safety systems remain not only in compliance with industry standards but also optimised for long-term efficiency and reliability. Our commitment to excellence is further reflected in the provision of continuous checking consultancy, wherein we meticulously oversee contractors' work spanning installation, commissioning, and maintenance activities.

Castles & Coasts, recognising the paramount importance of compliance and documentation, relies on Rely on Fire Check's expertise in this domain. Our compliance documentation, including cutting-edge e-certificates and sophisticated methods of technical reporting, serves as a benchmark for adherence to industry regulations. Additionally, our meticulous logbooks and labels, complemented by user-friendly Home Occupier Guides, play a pivotal role in offering end-users comprehensive information about the grade D fire detection and fire alarm system. This user-centric approach aligns seamlessly with the compliance requirements set forth by the esteemed British Standard BS 5839-6, ensuring that Castles & Coasts maintains the highest standards of fire safety across its estate.

In essence, the enduring partnership between Rely on Fire Check and Castles & Coasts stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to fire safety excellence. Through meticulous design, ongoing support, and a commitment to compliance, we continue to safeguard lives and property, contributing to the overarching goal of creating a secure and resilient environment within the Castles & Coasts estate.

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