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CD Engineering Services are one of the North East’s most reliable and professional Electrical Building Services Contractors. CDE have a wide range of experience and specialise in commercial, industrial, healthcare, education and residential.

Our Scope of Services

CD Engineering Services as the appointed electrical subcontractor to Wates held design responsibility for the Grade D fire detection & fire alarm systems within each of the 186 apartments, spanning across 34 floors.

Our appointment involved the correction of the consultant produced RIBA Stage 3 design into a fully compliant RIBA Stage 4 design, inclusive of full coordination within each apartment type, resulting in detailed design drawings, schematic and the production of a detailed technical submittal taking the form of our System Overview document to obtain approval by all relevant parties.

Each dwelling was fully certificated for design to BS 5839-6. As CD Engineering are subscribers of our Compliance Membership, they have access to compliance checklists for the installation and commissioning of the systems to aid a compliant installation, as well as using the BS 5839-6 certificate they have access to through the compliance portal.

Rely on Fire Check also supplied a Home Occupiers Guide for each dwelling along with the fire alarm system circuit compliance warning labels.

As a distributor of FireAngel products, we supplied all of the smoke and heat alarms and low level controllers for the project.

CD Engineering also purchased the Detector Testers Grade D system test kit from Rely on Fire Check thus enabling them to test and commission each system in accordance with BS 5839-6 and manufacturers recommendations.

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