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HESIS specialises in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance for Mechanical & Electrical and Fire & Security across the UK.

Our Scope of Services

Rely on Fire Check specialises in offering a comprehensive array of products and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients within the fire safety industry. Our commitment extends beyond mere provision; we strive to guide our clients through the intricacies of compliance, ensuring a seamless and successful journey toward obtaining certifications and adhering to industry standards.

At the core of our offerings is a meticulously documented management system, carefully crafted to align with BAFE scheme requirements, British Standards, and relevant industry codes of practice. This system serves as a robust foundation, providing a structured framework that facilitates compliance across various dimensions of electrotechnical fire safety.

One of our standout services is the provision of support and guidance through the BAFE SP203-1 scheme audit process. Our expertise comes to the forefront as we guide clients through the entire process, in this instance with a particular focus on the modules of design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

The team at Rely on Fire Check ensures that clients are not only well-prepared but also thoroughly equipped to meet the stringent requirements of external audits.

Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our collaboration with HESIS. Through a strategic blend of consultancy and training, we partnered with HESIS to navigate the intricacies of the BAFE SP203-1 scheme. This involved a meticulous review of their existing practices held by the broader HE Simm business, identifying areas of improvement, and implementing targeted solutions to enhance their design, installation, commissioning and maintenance protocols.

The outcome of this collaboration speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our approach, as HESIS successfully obtained scheme certification. This achievement not only validates their commitment to fire safety but also underscores our dedication to guiding clients through the entire certification process.

In essence, Rely on Fire Check goes beyond the conventional role of a service provider. We become strategic partners, working hand in hand with our clients to elevate their fire safety practices, navigate complex certification processes, and ultimately emerge with a renewed sense of confidence in their ability to uphold the highest standards of safety and compliance.

HESIS, now fully self sufficient in supporting their design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of electrotechnical fire safety systems function, continue to use Rely on Fire Check for training for their ever expanding technical team and continue to access up to date documentation through their Platinum Compliance Membership with Rely on Fire Check.

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