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Rely on Fire Check was incorporated in 2011 by Christopher Carvell.

Originally named as Carvell Consulting and operating out of the north-east of England its founder had a clear vision to provide clients with access to independent, competent, and certificated fire safety system design and consultancy service.

Not to be confused as a fire risk assessment provider, or a contractor that supplies, installs, and maintains fire safety systems, Rely on Fire Check has become arguably the leading independent fire safety system design and checking consultancy practice that operates across the United Kingdom.

Its services are relied upon by some of the largest organisations for the most complex of projects.

Join the ever-increasing number of clients that choose to Rely on Fire Check to provide independent and certificated designs and to audit contractors so that the fire safety systems you rely on operate as intended to protect your people and property.

Christopher continues to drive Rely on Fire Check in it’s second decade of business.

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Following a rebrand in 2021 on its 10th anniversary, the company now operates as Rely on Fire Check to best represent its service offering.


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